Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Night 2Pac Died-V100 Friday Night Flava 9/13/96 *entire 4 hour show*

The most important radio show I've ever done. The most memorable. The most controversial. Like the Hot 102 shows, I thought I'd never find the tapes but you never know what you'll come across rummaging thru the garage.

You could say at the time I didn't understand the largeness of the situation. Other than Eazy-Z, no major hip hop artist had died up to that point. Everybody on the paintings with Pac (Big, Aaliyah, Left Eye, Jam Master Jay) died after that fateful Friday night so there was no precedent. I remember thinking, "all this for Pac?" We had already done a top 10 2Pac songs in hour 2 and people wanted more. Today you would have an entire show of music dedicated to an artists memory, but then? You were either for Pac or for B.I.G. and I was definitely riding with B.I.G. in the whole east vs. west thing. Not saying you wanted a man to die, but live by the sword, die by the sword was my attitude. 2Pac just brought out that kind of emotion in you. You either rode with him 100% or were against him 100%.

There is no revisionist history on this show like you would hear in dedication shows today. Its all raw emotions on how we and the listeners felt at that time

After the show V-100 was deluged with calls and complaints from angry listeners the entire weekend. And hearing the show and hindsight being 20/20 I can totally understand why I had to make an apology the following Friday night for some of the remarks I made on the show (even after I say at the end of the show how I'm not apologizing for the things I said). We pissed off people that night and even received a death threat or two, so by the end of the show I was defiant & didn't give a fuck. I even said some things on-air that made my co-host KeKe quit the show afterwards.

Like Aaliyah after him, I didn't know how big Pac was till after he died. On Friday The 13th 1996 I learned.

This show is dedicated to my Flava Crew. Scott "Scotty G" Gunderson in DC, Kenyatta "KeKe" Taylor in NY, and The Midwest Mixer Dr. B in Milwaukee. We made Milwaukee radio history. We were a mixshow that was on once a week for 4 hours and we made more buzz than an entire on-air staff. And we gave them a show to talk about for years to come and for that and I thank you all.

This is the entire 4 hour show.

Hour I

From the top, what still impresses me to this day is how well produced the show is. From the Strick promo that starts the show, to voice messages about Pac's death, to the show intro, to soundbytes from the movie Juice, everything is on point. Shows don't get much tighter than this and I'll take the credit for that. A lot of prep went into this in a short amout of time

Hour II

We kick off the 2Pac top 10 & get Scotty G's and KeKe's thoughts on Pac's life & death. They keep it real & pull no punches. Their words are a testament to how people were really split down the middle on the whole Pac/BIG beef & how the world was where you could speak your mind before everything became ultra politically correct.

Hour III

We finish the 2Pac top 10 & get Doc B's opinion on 2Pac and his legacy plus play a few more promos, songs & Pac cuts.

Hour IV

By now the weight of the callers is starting to get to me & the crew and I'm getting a lil pissed, but we keep it movin & we finish the show off with a few more Pac songs and a mini Booty mix by Dr. B who had been on the wheels the entire show

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome to the blog of DJ Fresh G

Howdy world! What I want to accomplish with this blog is to expose some of my lost works. Music & mixes from the DJ Fresh G era in Milwaukee radio Hot 102, V-100 & everything in between. If I find it I'll post it.

Thanks for checking out the blog. Leave comments if you like but most importantly, enjoy the music. 

The Lost Mixes: Fresh G live on Hot 102 WLUM Milwaukee-November 1993

I found a tape in the garage that geeked me up to new levels of geektivity. I had been looking for my old mixes from Hot 102 for awhile but wasnt having any luck. Seems I was using the tapes for airchecks when I got the job on 'GCI and may have recorded over all the mixshows.

I was wrong. I found the tapes!

Every Friday & Saturday we used to have a boombox in the studio and I would record the mixes from the radio so they could have that live feel. No Serato, No Tricks, No Computer editing program. 2 turntables live in studio

The Lost Mixes II: Fresh G live on Hot 102 WLUM Milwaukee ('93-'94) *includes explicit lyrics*

More mixes from the Hot 102 Street Party era circa '93-'94. Listening to these mixes the 1st thing I think is, "wow, we used to play these joints on the radio?" The 2nd I think is, " wow, we used to play the dirty versions with cursing on the radio? WE WERE WYLIN!!!!"

Another thing you'll notice is  there's HELLA Snoop & HELLA Dre in the mixes. Shiiiit, they was running the game from like '92 on. Had to do it

Also, the mixing style is waaaay different from today. I always liked to play songs and to this day I hate when DJ's cut off songs before the good part. U don't have to worry about that on these mixes, the songs play with minimal interruption!

1st mix is a 50 minute segment from 1993 that starts with I Want To Get High by Cypress Hill and ends with a nice rib session. Co hosted by Dr. B

Street Party *explicit* co-hosted by Dr. B

This segment is the following hour & starts out with a Dr. B mixtape diss intro and is mixed by guest mixer MK Smokin' T. Please listen to or download this entire segment as Doc B raps at the end of it! Doc kicks his usual '87 flow, BUT IN '93! No wonder he got booed at the Mecca (1993)

Here's 2 segments from 1994. I left the commercial promo on the beginning of pt. 2 because as a radio geek I love hearing what the radio was doing in that era. It adds to the nostalgia. 

Highlights from mix 1 are C.R.E.A.M by Wu-Tang, a really dope remix of 'Kast's Players Ball & Play My Funk by Simple E...OH SHIT, I AINT HEARD THAT SINCE I HEARD IT!!!! Ol girl was Missy b4 Missy!

Oh snap, lil Angie has a voice drop on this mix! Glad I found her on Facebook, thats my baby...

This mix from '94 starts out with Award Tour from ATCQ and a voice drop from my girl Jessie. I love those 'regular people' voice drops sprinkled into all the mixes. I really used to empower people and I'm just embracing that about myself (sorry, I had a moment)

This mix starts with a drop from Tevin Campbell (mo homo) that I don't even remember having. I mean, who would really wanna file a voice drop from Tevin away in their mental rolodex anyway? Then the lols really start! On this remix of Can We Talk, Tev starts macking up on a broad!!! I don't know how gay & awkward this sounded in '93 but "hella gay" would be the worlds to describe it today. Another highlight from this mix is me cutting up Shaq's I know I got skillz (MEECH) and SON, at the end the commercial for "hotspots" with the "Tanning By Karlberg" joint! I died...

Hella Dre? This short mix starts out with a voice drop from Dr. Dre & me cuttin up Dre Day and ends with that breakbeat version of Spread Love by Take 6