Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Lost Mixes II: Fresh G live on Hot 102 WLUM Milwaukee ('93-'94) *includes explicit lyrics*

More mixes from the Hot 102 Street Party era circa '93-'94. Listening to these mixes the 1st thing I think is, "wow, we used to play these joints on the radio?" The 2nd I think is, " wow, we used to play the dirty versions with cursing on the radio? WE WERE WYLIN!!!!"

Another thing you'll notice is  there's HELLA Snoop & HELLA Dre in the mixes. Shiiiit, they was running the game from like '92 on. Had to do it

Also, the mixing style is waaaay different from today. I always liked to play songs and to this day I hate when DJ's cut off songs before the good part. U don't have to worry about that on these mixes, the songs play with minimal interruption!

1st mix is a 50 minute segment from 1993 that starts with I Want To Get High by Cypress Hill and ends with a nice rib session. Co hosted by Dr. B

Street Party *explicit* co-hosted by Dr. B

This segment is the following hour & starts out with a Dr. B mixtape diss intro and is mixed by guest mixer MK Smokin' T. Please listen to or download this entire segment as Doc B raps at the end of it! Doc kicks his usual '87 flow, BUT IN '93! No wonder he got booed at the Mecca (1993)

Here's 2 segments from 1994. I left the commercial promo on the beginning of pt. 2 because as a radio geek I love hearing what the radio was doing in that era. It adds to the nostalgia. 

Highlights from mix 1 are C.R.E.A.M by Wu-Tang, a really dope remix of 'Kast's Players Ball & Play My Funk by Simple E...OH SHIT, I AINT HEARD THAT SINCE I HEARD IT!!!! Ol girl was Missy b4 Missy!

Oh snap, lil Angie has a voice drop on this mix! Glad I found her on Facebook, thats my baby...

This mix from '94 starts out with Award Tour from ATCQ and a voice drop from my girl Jessie. I love those 'regular people' voice drops sprinkled into all the mixes. I really used to empower people and I'm just embracing that about myself (sorry, I had a moment)

This mix starts with a drop from Tevin Campbell (mo homo) that I don't even remember having. I mean, who would really wanna file a voice drop from Tevin away in their mental rolodex anyway? Then the lols really start! On this remix of Can We Talk, Tev starts macking up on a broad!!! I don't know how gay & awkward this sounded in '93 but "hella gay" would be the worlds to describe it today. Another highlight from this mix is me cutting up Shaq's I know I got skillz (MEECH) and SON, at the end the commercial for "hotspots" with the "Tanning By Karlberg" joint! I died...

Hella Dre? This short mix starts out with a voice drop from Dr. Dre & me cuttin up Dre Day and ends with that breakbeat version of Spread Love by Take 6


  1. Hey Fresh G.!!

    Man this is great and such an awesome idea. I grew up listening to you on Hot 102 and when I went to college at DePaul, I would listen to you as Mike Love on WGCI. Keep up the good work adding more old stuff from Hot 102. Thanks for the memories!