Friday, May 1, 2009

Hot 102:Unedited (1993)

Breakin' the rules in the era of Gangster Rap. Back in the day Hot 102's PD, Jaime Hyatt had this great idea to do a one-time 1 hour show of explicit versions of the songs we had in rotation on the station. The safe harbor rule kicks in at 10pm but I cant remember if we did this at 10p or 12 midnight. Either way Dakota, the night jock at the time was supposed to do the show but got cold feet and decided he didn't feel right doing it so it was left up to good ol Fresh G, the rebel of the team. Funny thing is Dakota stuck around for the entire time and took calls and even goes on the air with me at the end of the hour. This show basically spawned the entire explicit music movement that you hear in a bunch of mixes on this blog. But the shit hit the fan when somebody in Milwaukee called station owner Willie Davis in LA & told him they were playing music with cursing on his radio station. The memo to never ever play an unedited song on-air on Hot 102 went out soon after.

It was a special time and a special moment in Milwaukee radio history & I'm glad I still had it to share. If you've never heard it check commercial radio with the versions of songs the way they were supposed to be heard.

Hot 102 Undedited (1993)

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  1. Hot 102 was by far the best radio station in Milwaukee during the early 90s....I was in 1st or 2nd grade when Hot 102 Unedited was around and I didn't know that how big of a deal it was for explicit lyrics to be played on the radio, I thought it was normal lol...anyway, keep doing what your doing. This is my favorite blog on the internet. If you can find some old stuff from 1995 until about 1997 that would make my day