Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Mixes! DJ Rock Dee & Fresh Kidd Amor Live on Hot 102 (1993)

At the 1-Year anniversary of the passing of my friend and brother DJ Rock Dee, I wanted to unveil more classics from the archives. I did guest mixes on Hot 102 for awhile and I came across 2 of my favorites. DJ Rock Dee and another classic from Fresh Kidd Amor. Real Milwaukee heads remember Kidd Amor as an underground DJ who had some of the freshest cutting skills in the entire Milwaukee HipHop scene, and of course DJ Rock Dee who along with hosting mornings on 88.9 radio in Milwaukee was a well respected club DJ in the city. These 2 mixes are classics not heard since 1993 on Hot 102 WLUM.

*to download the mixes click on the word divShare on each player and a download link will appear*

DJ Rock Dee Guest Mix/Hot 102 WLUM Milwaukee

DJ Fresh Kid Amor Guest Mix/Hot 102 WLUM Milwaukee


  1. Absolutely... "FRESH KIDD AMOR" was his name. Produced a couple joints for me and Strick back in the day. "Jealous" and "LAMONT IS THE BADDEST"! Kidd Amor was J Fresh and M.C. Ashley's original DJ back in the day. What up "Fresh G". It's Kid Crab! As for Rock D...R.I.P...That dude was MADD talented. ME AND ROCK D once shared a duplex on 37th Cherry (IN THE HOOD) 3RD DISTRICT. I lived upstairs with my wife and kid. He was downstairs with his wife and kids. That dude literally rocked the turntables practicing all night long and many nights I had a hard time getting sleep, but I never complained cuz the shit was DOPE! REAL TALK HOMIE.


  2. Thanx for posting these!! Great stuff. I'd love to D/L them but the they don't seem to be downloadable anymore. I love discovering these pieces of Midwest Hip Hop history-Kevin Beacham.